6 Incredible Ideas For Christmas Leftover Sandwiches

It’s now only a couple of weeks until Christmas day, and the chances are you have already begun your festive food shop. It’s almost the law to make sure you buy plenty enough to have ample leftovers to take you almost all the way to the new year! But if you’re struggling for ideas on how to make use of the rest of the turkey, have a look at these ideas or get in touch for our pre-packed sandwiches and catering suppliers in Hull.

Hopefully you’ll be waking up on Boxing day with a fridge full of supplies, ready to be put to creative use, although failing that, there’s always the guilty pleasure of a crisp butty! Here’s some inspiring culinary delights.

Cranberry, turkey and brie make an excellent toasted sandwich, whether you have a toasted sandwich maker, or prefer to pan fry your bread for ultimate decadence. Try finishing it off in the oven to get the brie deliciously melted.

Similarly, try turkey, bacon and avocado either toasted, or on a soft roll. Slice the avocado and toss with lemon juice, salt and pepper, add to the sandwich with crispy bacon, turkey, and lettuce for a delicious brunch.

For the ultimate dressing for a sandwich, combine 3 tablespoons of mayonnaise with a tablespoon of cranberry sauce, a squeeze of lemon, and fresh ground pepper for a cranberry mayo, which will bring the simplest of turkey and bacon sandwiches to life! Just don’t start counting the calories!

A perfect winter warmer is the ham, cheddar and cranberry melt. Fill up thick slices of bread, or panini rolls with generous slices of ham, chunks of sharp cheddar cheese, and cranberry. Why stop there, add some left over sprouts, bubble and squeak, whatever you fancy, and heat in the oven until the cheese is melting.

Should you have a selection of more speciality breads, focaccia or ciabatta, a turkey and avocado caesar salad sandwich makes an impressive lunch for guests and visitors. Combine mayonnaise, parmesan, lemon juice, finely grated garlic, and black pepper, and for those inclined, chopped anchovies. Add to a sliced avocado, lettuce and turkey sandwich.

A festive twist on a timeless breakfast and brunch sandwich is the pigs in blankets sandwich, should you have enough left over! Lightly toast a bread roll, slather with mayonnaise, add the pigs in blankets, top with cooked sliced red onions, and a dollop of cranberry sauce.

Should you have festive guests, family and friends visiting on Boxing day, it should be simple enough to put together an entire sandwich buffet with enough choice to keep everyone happy and fed, just don’t forget to make sure there’s enough drinks for everyone too!

For any and all catering, buffet, and pre-packed sandwiches in Yorkshire and Hull, get in contact to discuss your requirements today.

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