6 Vegan Christmas Recipe Ideas

With Christmas somehow just around the corner, no doubt you’re all thinking about what to order from your contract catering company for all your festive events this year. It’s never too early to start planning, after all!

But with the tide of veganism have seriously turned in the last few years and growing numbers of people eager to move a plant-based lifestyle, what about devising an entirely vegan menu? Here are a few recipe ideas so you can see just how delicious vegan food can be!

A giant vegan wellington

Check out Olive Magazine for this delicious recipe that’s stuffed with beetroot, kale, roasted red peppers and has a pastry glazed in Marmite. It’ll look seriously impressive on your Christmas dinner table and will have guests going back for seconds.

Vegan mince pies

This BBC recipe for mince pies has a little twist – it uses filo pastry instead. They take about half an hour to make so they’ll have the house smelling amazing and your plates full in no time at all.

Mushroom and chestnut pate 

Pate doesn’t have to involve animal products – you can make a very tasty mushroom and chestnut pate with tarragon and fermented cranberries if you follow this Great British Chefs recipe.

You need to be quite prepared since the cranberries take five days to ferment, but if you’re looking for a vegan starter for your Christmas menus this is apparently both rich and decadent – so absolutely perfect.

Vegan mashed potatoes

You can still achieve deliciously creamy mashed potatoes to satisfy the vegan crowd without having to use cream or milk. This Delish recipe uses vegan butter and gold creamer potatoes to help you prepare this favourite dish.

Stuffed celeriac with parsnip cream

You might not have considered making a vegetable the star attraction of your Christmas dinner table but this stuffed celeriac recipe from Tesco Real Food might just change your mind.

It’s stuffed with cranberry-jewelled quinoa and paired with a nutty and rich parsnip cream – that’s vegan, gluten-free and dairy-free.

Homemade vegan eggnog

The Spruce Eats has this fun recipe for vegan eggnog that you might like to try out on your guests. You might be confused by the fact that there’s no egg in it whatsoever! It uses tofu and soymilk so you can still enjoy the creaminess – and it’s quicker to make than its non-vegan alternative.

Deciding to go vegan for Christmas this year gives you the opportunity to try out all sorts of exciting new recipes and see what ingredients can be used. Some substitutions are quite clever – such as the leftover liquid from a tin of chickpeas. This can be used to make meringue!

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