Celery Juice And The Benefits It Can Bring!

It’s always worth paying close attention to what people enjoy eating and drinking at any given time if you are planning an event and are currently in talks with buffet food suppliers about what to serve your guests so they leave with a big smile on their face.

These days, it seems that there’s an ever-increasing interest in health-conscious choices and if you’d like to have this as a theme for the menu at your next big event, you might want to look into celery juice as this has apparently been a big hit over the last few months – and seems to show no signs of stopping.

The Waitrose & Partners Food and Drink Report 2019-2020 has just been released and it makes for excellent reading for anyone keen to find out what consumers are eager to see on their plates now and into the future.

One of the takeaways from this year’s report is that celery juice has been having something of a moment in recent times, so it might well be something fun and perhaps a little different to include on your menus for whatever event you have in the pipeline.

It could form an integral part of your healthy catering options – and you could even include information on your menu or somewhere in your event literature extolling the benefits of drinking it.

These, you’ll be pleased to hear, are many and varied, so you’ll be able to impress your guests with a delicious and nutritious drink – and one that won’t break the bank.

Celery can do your health an awful lot of good, whether it’s by cleansing your thyroid thanks to its levels of mineral salts or because it can help to remove nasty bacteria lurking in your liver. It’s also thought that it can help to lower your blood pressure, prevent strokes and reduce build-up of plaque in your arteries.

And it’s a powerful antioxidant and can serve as an anti-inflammatory, so there are all sorts of benefits to including it as an option for your health-conscious guests.

After drinking celery juice over a period of days and weeks, you should start to notice the effects, which include healthier-looking skin that feels smoother and more hydrated. You may also notice a reduction in appetite and, if this has been a particular problem for you, a drop in that bloated feeling you often get throughout the day.

There are lots of different celery juice recipes you could consider and it’s very easy to make. You could do it at home yourself if you have a juicer! What about serving your guests a delicious mix of celery, apple, cucumber, lemon and ginger juice to really perk them up?

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