Don’t Forget The ‘NoLo’ Beers At Your Next Event

When considering the food and drinks menu for an upcoming event, you might want to make sure that you’ve included no and low alcohol beers behind the bar, as it seems that there is growing interest in ‘NoLo options’, especially among younger groups of people.

This is according to the latest Society of Independent Brewers British Craft Beer Report, revealing that the craft brewing sector is now adapting and evolving in order to cater for a growing type of market and beer drinker, with more NoLo beers being brewed because numbers of those reducing alcohol intake or avoiding it entirely are increasing, especially among those aged between 18 and 24.

Caroline Nodder, editor of the report, predicted that even more growth in this area will be seen in the next year as people become more health conscious.

“The findings in this year’s report show a drastically changing marketplace – with consumers opting for no or low alcohol options, particularly young people, and brewers who are quickly adapting to this challenge and bringing out some really interesting, flavoursome low abv beers. It shows the dexterity of small independent breweries,” she said.

If it’s a big event you have in the pipeline, you might also want to consider doing some sort of collaboration with a local brewery taproom, given that the report also identified this as an area of growth.

Ms Nodder went on to add that beer drinkers are now able to try out fresh beers direct from the source, as well as getting the opportunity to try something unavailable elsewhere – so this could be a great unique selling point if you’re keen to draw the punters in.

While beverages are important, you’ve also got to consider the food you’re going to serve your hungry guests as well, of course… so doing a bit of research into what’s proving popular for foodies this year could really help you when you’re putting your menus together.

The tide is certainly turning where meat and fish are concerned and we’re now eating a lot less of it than we were a couple of years ago, so putting lots of vegan and vegetarian options on your menu would be a good move to make.

Those of you looking to be inventive with what you serve could really try and wow guests with how versatile ingredients can be when you don’t have any meat or dairy products in dishes. This could prove to be a great opportunity to impress and get people talking about your event nonstop – and for all the right reasons.

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