Foodie Fashion For Hungry Hipsters

Keeping on top of the latest trends in food, music, and fashion can be exhausting unless your hipster lifestyle places demands on you to be ahead of the game!

From seaweed snacks to ‘clean’ keto, East Yorkshire caterers forecast what consumer trends will shape food and beverage innovation.

1. Hybrid meat and plant-based products

Plant-based products have been with us for a little while now, but it’s expected that hybrid or blended products – that contain meat and plant protein – to grow in popularity.

These hybrids offer the best of both worlds – a meaty taste alongside the health and sustainability benefits of plant proteins.

2. Surging seaweed

Foodies are used to seeing seaweed in sushi, but the full potential of this versatile ingredient is yet to be realised. Seaweed has one of the highest protein contents of any food. It’s also claimed to have cognitive health and nervous system benefits, as well as helping children’s development.

3. Food for health, not fuel

Food for fuel is no longer enough. Functional foods are becoming a mainstay of the food industry as consumers come to expect products that contribute to overall health and wellness.

The food for health trend covers everything from fermented foods to ‘moon milk’ which is made from milk, spices and adaptogens (compounds promoting stress resistance) and is usually drunk before going to bed.

4. Healthy snacking

The snacking trend shows no signs of abating in 2020. The Mintel Consumer Snacking UK report shows that 66% of adults snack at least once every day. An Innova report shows that nearly a third of millennials replace meals with snacks because they’re busy.

But snacks are in for a healthy makeover. Gen-X consumers want to cut back on their sugar consumption and boomers simply want an overall healthier diet.

5. ‘Clean’ keto

Keto diets have increased in popularity. However, the trend has come under fire for potentially high amounts of saturated fats and low fibre content. This has given rise to concerns over heart disease.

To counter some of these claims ‘clean’ keto is starting to be promoted. This version focuses on using avocados, nuts and seeds as fat sources. It contrasts to ‘dirty’ keto, which is centred on foods like beef brisket, butter, cheese and bacon.

6. Boosting brain health with nootropics

Wellness, the overarching trend in food and beverage innovation, extends beyond physical health to include mental wellbeing.

Enter nootropics, substances that can boost brain performance, including cognition and memory.

These ‘smart drugs’ or ‘cognitive enhancers’ are gaining traction in the nutraceutical sector and look set to tip to mainstream food and beverage marker.

7. Low-to-no is the new ‘cool’

Younger generations are drinking less alcohol.

However, the usual substitute – soft drinks – are not the big winners of this tendency. Alcohol-free spirits and 0 per cent ABV beverages are proving popular among consumers who want the sophisticated palate of cocktails, wines and beers without the alcohol.

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