Have You Heard Of Pullet Eggs Before?

Food waste is a seriously hot topic at the moment and it often seems a bit doom and gloom… but we’ve just heard that miniature eggs are set to be sold for the very first time in supermarkets, produce that would generally speaking just be thrown away.

These mini eggs are called pullet eggs, laid by younger birds and are around one-third of the size of the eggs produced by older chickens, the Daily Telegraph reports. And now these little eggs are going to be available in a Waitrose shop near you soon.

The aim is to reduce food waste, since farmers often have to just dispose of them or use them at home themselves since they don’t meet size regulations set by supermarkets.

Food delivery service Farmdrop says that up to ten per cent of every egg farmer’s stock is binned because of size issues. But the good news is that it seems pullet eggs are growing in popularity, with Andrew Jackson of Haresfield Farm telling the news source that interest is increasing.

And development chef at Waitrose & Partners Zoe Simons explained that chefs in particular love pullet eggs, particularly for use in pastry. Because they’re smaller, they hold their shape better – so are perfect for poaching.

“The yolks have a wonderful deep colour and rich flavour, making them perfect for mayonnaise or pastry such as a lemon tart or creme brûlée,” she went on to say.

Pullet eggs explained

Pullets are hens that are under a year old and have only been laying eggs for a couple of months. Pullet eggs are the first ones laid by hens at around 18 weeks old, young hens still learning the fine art of egg-laying – which is why they’re so much smaller than the eggs you might be more accustomed to seeing in the supermarket.

You’re unlikely to come across pullet eggs because up to ten per cent of egg stock is binned for being too small. According to Farmdrop, Danny and Susie Macmillan of Mac’s Farm admitted that they lose about £60,000 a year because people aren’t eating pullet eggs.

If you want to try cooking them yourself, just treat them as you would a bigger egg, whether you want to bake, scramble or fry. They can also be used in baking but you may want to double up on eggs if they are on the particularly small side.

The Farmdrop site also has lots of recipes for you to try out that will certainly help you get to grips with pullet eggs and how to use them, so make sure you have a quick browse to see if there’s anything you could whip up for supper tonight.

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