The Foods We Will Be Instagramming and Eating in 2020

In 2019 we saw the rise of many trends in food and had many delicious culinary adventures. But as the new year hits us once again, what can we expect for 2020? If you spent the previous 12 months exploring Sri Lankan cuisine, changing your attitude to meat-free and plant based protein, or discovered the versatility of misshapen and ugly fruits and vegetables from you supermarket, let your Yorkshire buffet caterers guide you through what to expect in the coming year.

Are we about to hit the Roaring 2020s? A return to fine dining is expected, as we make going out for dinner a special occasion once more. Get dressed up in your finery, and be prepared for a sense of the theatre in restaurants, as the younger generations demand a return to the ‘art of dining’. With nods to The Great Gatsby, perhaps?

In summer, Tokyo will host the 2020 Olympics, and it’s predicted that it will see a rise in Japanese cuisine. Consumers will be curious to see more experimental Japanese dishes, ingredients and flavours. Almost certainly Japanese foods will feature heavily with food bloggers, culinary magazines, and our favourite cookery shows.

Plant power food is only going to get bigger and more popular, as noted by Woman’s Health magazine. People are much more conscious of the responsible sourcing of their foods, and meat-mimicking plant protein is a rising star, as people choose to eat less red meat and be more ecologically friendly.

There is a rise in more people growing their own vegetables, as the UK has now more than 90,000 Brits on waiting lists for allotments, and garden centres report a 30 per cent rise in the sale of vegetable plants. As people find more time to join the grow-your-own movement, we’ll see more plot-to-plate home cooking.

The winning blend of spice, heat, and sweetness from Moroccan and Turkish food marks the growing popularity of North African and Middle Eastern dishes. Dust off that tagine you bought on a whim, and start sourcing your spices now!

We will all be spending more time in communal dining venues, like Market Hall West End, and Altrincham Market House, large open spaces flanked by multiple street-food kitchens and bars. London has Eataly and Market Hall Canary Wharf, with many others expected around the country as this trend is expected to be huge in 2020.

The sandwich. What is not to love about the sandwich? A staple that will never not be on trend. But 2020 is predicted to be the ‘year of the sandwich’, with a wave of next level sandwich creation. Expect artisan breads, handmade with intricate fillings, and well-sourced ingredients. A Japanese styled panko-crumbed pork neck fried in lardo, with cabbage and raspberry brown sauce sandwich, anyone?

If you’re in need of caterers and buffet food suppliers in Yorkshire, and a wide range of sandwiches too, then get in touch today.

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