Top Food And Drink Trends To Watch

We’re moving into a new year, and indeed a new decade. So, what’s expected to change in the field of food and drink, and what trends should you be aware of in this sector?

Food Navigator recently shared the predictions from Mintel, which has picked out the top consumer food and drink trends to watch in the coming decade.

One of the key things to be aware of is sustainability, with more consumers becoming conscious of where their food comes from and what it’s packaged in. If you’re organising catering for events, you may want to choose catering food suppliers who use locally sourced and seasonal ingredients as far as possible.

This kind of awareness is going to be key across all sectors of the food and drink industry, the news provider highlighted.

Also tied into this is the rise of smart diets. This refers to thinking about the impact your diet has on the planet. With the world’s food resources becoming increasingly stretched, expect more people to be looking at how they can limit their impact by modifying their diets.

This also links to a growing trend of finding a diet that’s good for your personal biology. Everyone is different and an increasing number of people are tailoring their diets to suit their physiology.

That might mean they’re cutting out things like diary or gluten, or that they recognise how certain foods can help boost their moods.

When it comes to animal products, the motto will be “consuming less but better”, the news provider noted. What that means in practice is that many of those who continue to eat meat and consume dairy products will “choose products with high ethical and environmental standards where possible”.

Agriculture too will start to change, the Mintel report predicted, to help meet growing demand for food around the world and in challenging environmental conditions as a result of climate change. This means more indoor and vertical farms are expected to be established.

For those in the catering industry, that could mean that there are more options for locally grown fruits and vegetables than in the past, as these kinds of facilities can carefully control growing conditions to produce all manner of fruits and vegetables all year round.

It also never hurts to look at what’s been popular this year, with some trends set to continue as we move into 2020. Business Insider recently offered a roundup of some of the top foodie trends of 2019, with many likely to still be hot in the coming 12 months.

For example, the news provider pointed to how some old-school foods were given a new lease of life and embraced by a new generation this year. The specific examples were hot sauce and the “artsy charcuterie board”.

It also picked up on the trend for environmentally friendly food and drink, noting that it’s not just locally sourced ingredients that are important. Other key things to keep an eye on in this field include veganism, flexitarianism (where you eat meat less frequently and a vegetarian or vegan diet the rest of the time) and non-dairy milks.

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