Top Romantic Foods For Your Loved One

Whether you plan on spoiling your partner on Valentine’s Day or not, you might be interested to find out what the most romantic types of food are if you want to keep the passion alive with your loved one.

Most couples who plan to stay in and cook on February 14th pick recipes that either contain red ingredients or are cut into very cheesy heart shapes.

However, this alone does not make a meal romantic, which is why we’ve put together some ideas on dishes that will reignite a spark in your relationship.

– Chilli peppers

If your love life needs some spice, why not make a dish with chilli peppers? It is believed that spicy foods release endorphins, which boost people’s moods. They also raise body temperature and speed up the pulse, which is why anything with a chilli kick could be an ideal choice on Valentine’s Day.

Seared garlic seafood with a spicy harissa bisque could go down a treat, with this dish containing scallops, prawns and plenty of red chilli. It is best to check your partner can handle hot food before serving though.

– Figs

Figs are a great accompaniment to a romantic dinner, as they could be part of a starter, mains or dessert. They also have a historic link to sexuality, while being full of potassium and iron, which provides an energy boost.

In her blog Eat Something Sexy, Amy Reiley wrote: “Legend has it that eating a fresh fig while naked, in front of a woman, is one of the world’s most erotic acts.”

Whether you decide to do that or not, you might want to consider adding a fig dish to your three-course meal. For instance, you could do roasted figs wrapped in parma ham and goat’s cheese as a starter, or grilled figs with honeyed mascarpone for your pudding.

Honey is also thought to be an aphrodisiac, and used to be prescribed as a sexual stimulant in 500 BC.

– Oysters

Of course, a list of romantic foods would not be complete without mentioning oysters. Despite being slimy and slippery, people regularly indulge on these in an attempt to boost their relationship.

It is thought that the seafood’s amino acids could promote testosterone, which is why it is regarded as a sexual stimulant. However, there is little proof oysters actually work in that department.

– Chocolate

Chocolate is the ideal dessert for any special occasion – whether it is Christmastime, Easter, a wedding, a children’s party, for event catering, or a romantic meal for two.

In fact, there has even been a study about it. In 2006, researchers tested 163 northern Italian women of varying ages and body mass indexes and assessed their sexual function (FSFI) and sexual distress (FSDS) levels.

It found those who ate chocolate every day tended to be the younger ones in the group, and they reported significantly higher FSFI scores than the older participants who did not eat the confectionary as much.

Whether it is its flavour, its texture, the different ways it can be used or the foods it can be eaten with, chocolate will always be a good choice for a romantic meal. 

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