Traditional Vs Trendy When It Comes To Ice Cream!

With the recent hot weather, it’s no surprise that ice cream sales have been on the rise but if you’re thinking of asking your buffet food suppliers to provide you with some deliciously cold treats to keep people happy, which should you go for… something trendy or something more traditional?

According to the Guardian, the likes of vegan ice cream and gelato are just two of the biggest ice cream trends for summer this year, with sales of ice cream in general up three per cent in the last 12 months as people ate the sweet treat throughout the winter months, as well as during the summer.

However, although there are more options available to consumers these days, traditional options are still proving popular, with a recent YouGov poll revealing that Magnum is still the nation’s favourite. This was followed by the Fab lolly and the Solero, which both tied for second place.

Sales of vegan and free-from products are also up 26 per cent – and big name brands are getting in on the act, such as Ben & Jerry’s which has just created vegan versions of popular flavours like chocolate fudge brownie.

Kantar analyst Isabel Bourke explained to the news source: “Shoppers are really open to trying new things and that makes [ice cream] a goldmine for manufacturers who can have more confidence in bringing out new products.

“Some of the most successful launches across the entire food and drink sector are in ice-cream – like Halo Top – and a lot of success comes from trend-led products that appeal to younger customers, especially if it’s brightly coloured or has a fun design that might look good on Instagram.”

She went on to say that health trends can now be seen in the ice cream sector like they are everywhere else and a lot of people are now looking for something that is both indulgent and healthy, which could be something like reduced calories or a product with added protein.

You might also want to have a little look at this article on the Daily Telegraph website, revealing some of the biggest ice cream trends to have emerged this year.

These include ice cream sundaes with lots of interesting textures like honeycomb, meringue and popping candy. And what about ice cream for breakfast? This might not appeal to everyone out there but there’s growing interest in using ice cream instead of milk for breakfast cereal bowls – which could really set you up for the day if that heatwave returns!

Ice cream sandwiches are also now making more of an appearance on menus at restaurants around and about, which could be a fun and interesting dessert option for your next event.

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