Will The Street Food Trend Ever End?

If there’s one foodie trend to have really come to the fore in recent years, it absolutely has to be street food, where delicious treats are served up right on the streets of towns and cities so people can pop for a bite with the greatest of ease, increasingly eschewing sit-down eateries in favour of eating on the go.

If you do have an event coming up and are looking into buffet food suppliers to cover the catering, you might want to chat to them about whether or not they’d be able to accommodate different types of street food – of which there are many, so you’re sure to have a wonderfully varied menu if you decide this is the right direction for you to go in.

Research from Caterer.com has proven just how popular street food is fast becoming here in the UK, if you’re still in doubt as to whether it would be well appreciated by your guests. 

Apparently, one in four people eat street food at least once a month, particularly earlier in the day, so these kinds of menu options might go down especially well if you’re holding a lunchtime affair. More than half as many people say they’d opt for street food for lunch over restaurants.

Interestingly, people see authenticity as the main appeal of street food and they’re particularly drawn to it if they love to try out different cuisines and dishes, if they travel for food and if they are happy to wait longer for a meal.

Not only that but 45 per cent of those surveyed also said they believed street food to be more authentic than the food you find in the majority of high street restaurants.

Petra Barran, founder of travelling food market KERB, explained: “Street food has helped meet people’s desire for more informal and human-driven dining experiences. KERB grew out of a desire to see it become normal in the UK to eat good food on the street.

“I was very influenced by spending time in places like France, Italy and Israel, places where it’s so normal to eat well. I often wondered; why do we have to make such a fuss about eating well in Britain? But I believed that if you could put good food on the street, you can normalise it for everyone. And that’s what we’ve seen.”

Checking out street food for yourself is the best way to find out whether you think it will be right for you and your event – and luckily, there are lots of places where you can now do exactly that. Use the Food Festival Finder to see what’s going on in your local area – you’re going to have a lot of fun deciding what to include on your menu!

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