Yorkshire catering company

Yorkshire catering company

Busy Brits Only Taking ’16 Minute Lunch Breaks’

New research has found that the majority of the UK workforce are cheating themselves when it comes to their hour lunch break.

Ben | Jul 2, 2019
Yorkshire catering company

Would You Serve Lab-Grown Meat?

A recent report has found that the biggest way to reduce your environmental impact is to avoid meat and dairy products. But would you serve lab-grown meat?

Ben | Apr 3, 2019
Yorkshire catering company

Growing Demand For Organic Food Reported

According to the latest statistics,, 2018 represents the seventh consecutive year of growth for the organic food sector.

Ben | Feb 25, 2019
Yorkshire catering company

3 Brands Prioritising Sustainable Packaging Right Now

Samba Catering are fighting against unnecessary waste by launching our own range of compostable packaging. Here are 3 more brands joining the fight!

Ben | Jan 3, 2019