Fresh, fast, affordable quality that all your customers will savour

Whether you select from our classic low-cost range or from one of our more premium products, we offer quality assured sandwiches and snacks to suit every service and client need.

Pre packed

Hand filled by our specialist team to the highest quality standards, our Tasty Bites range includes sandwiches, salad bowls, baguettes, wraps, paninis, pastries, cakes, breadcakes, ready meals and pasta pots across a range of fillings and favours.

Talk to us about our range and find out how we can tailor what we deliver to your business.

Cost effective but still made with care

When budgets are really tight, we can offer you a choice of products from a selection of savouries that still contain our high-quality Tasty Bites produce but use a selection of fillings that mean they our most cost-effective options.

Talk to us about how we can combine great value with great taste, for you and your customers.

Catering to every customer need

We care about satisfying your customers’ needs as much as you do, which is why we offer a range of options to suit a variety of dietary requirements.  From Vegetarian to Vegan and from Halal to Healthier choices, whether you want low fat options or allergy specific products, we can supply you with the snacks and sandwiches your customers want and need.

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Speak to Us about where we can fit in your chiller

Our customer service advisers are on hand to help you make informed decisions. Use the contacts on this page to get some insight into how samba can work for you.