Flexitarianism, Clean Eating & Health Consciousness Top Foodie Trends

Dec 5, 2016

Those of you looking for catering food suppliers at the moment may want to make note of The Grocer’s Top Products survey, which has just revealed that unhealthy options are out and it’s increasingly about being health conscious where food is concerned right now.

The report indicated that clean eating and flexitarianism were both top trends for 2018, while dairy-free products were one of the biggest areas to see a change in shopper behaviour. Free-from foods, superfoods and sports nutrition products were also on the rise.

Free-from was the fastest-growing category by absolute value, with a hike of £200.3 million, while fruit was seventh, seeing gains of more than £140 million.

The fastest-growing grocery products of the year were Coca-Cola, Gordons Premium Pink, Pepsi, Stella Artois, blueberries, Lurpak, Monster, Yellow Tail, strawberries and salmon.

Editor Adam Leyland commented on the findings, saying: “The food and drink we eat and the way we consume it is changing. Paradoxically we’re getting fatter but healthier. And it’s millennials and Gen Zers that are driving these twin trends. We are drinking and smoking less while embracing healthier options like low-calorie drinks and ice cream, but we are also indulging more in treats and snacks and takeaways.”

With Veganuary just a few short weeks away, now could well be the time for you and your organisation to consider how best to tap into this growing trend for health consciousness where food is concerned. Changing your catering options to include more vegan items, as well as free-from produce could be just what you need to see your profits soar.